Understanding the Health Effects of Addiction

Understanding the Health Effects of Addiction

A number of health issues can be caused by drug addiction. Long-term drug abuse, especially, can really put stress and strain on someone’s body. There may be a number of physical, mental, and emotional effects as a result of a drug addiction. Even a short-term drug addiction can cause all sorts of health problems for folks. If you are suffering from any sort of drug or alcohol addiction–in the short term or long term–it’s absolutely essential that you get the help that you deserve.

How does drug addiction affect you psychologically?

There may be many different psychological issues as a result of drug addiction. This will depend on the substance that is being abused and the amount of time that someone is abusing it. However, some of the most common psychological effects of drug addiction are:

  • Paranoia – Because drug abuse is illegal–either the substance is illegal or the way the substance is being used is illegal–most addicts tend to become very paranoid.
  • Depression – Using drugs can bring a person “up”, and they develop a tolerance. Eventually, they have to use more and more of a drug to feel normal. Otherwise, they tend to get depressed.
  • Anxiety – Many people who abuse drugs will experience feeling unsettled or uncomfortable.

How does drug addiction affect you physically?

There are many different ways that drug and alcohol addictions can affect your body. Some of the most common issues are:

  • Issues of the liver – This is a big issue with alcohol abuse, but other types of drug abuse can cause liver damage as well.
  • Issues of the heart – This is a big issue for those who abuse stimulants such as cocaine and crystal meth.
  • Issues of the lungs – Anyone who smokes a drug at all–even cigarettes–is putting their lungs at risk.
  • Issues of the kidneys – Kidneys can become damaged over many years of drug and alcohol abuse.

There are many different psychological and physical effects associated with using drugs. It isn’t hard to look at these and see why it’s important to get clean and sober if you do have a problem with drugs or alcohol. The best thing that you can do in this situation is to get help from professionals who are qualified to help those with addictions at facilities like The Recovery Village.

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