Back Pain Treatment: What You Need to Know

Back Pain Treatment: What You Need to Know

Back pain is one of the most common issues facing American adults. Because so many of us sit at desks staring at computer screens all day, our backs can suffer. New guidelines were just released by The American College of Physicians on low back pain treatments, and these guidelines have caused doctors and researchers in this field to complete reevaluate their back pain strategies. According to these new guidelines, the best thing for back pain is time, and the worst thing for back pain is rest. They also say that many of the treatments that lie somewhere in between are likely to make no difference.

Unfortunately, back pain is hard to treat.

One of the most typical reasons that adults in the United States go to the doctor is back pain. Another surprising statistic: most working adults have had symptoms of low back pain that have caused them to miss work in the last three months. This costs us billions of dollars in health care costs and missed productivity. Unfortunately, many people are taking pain medication for this back pain, which doesn’t really do anything to solve the problem.

Should there be a gentler approach to back pain?

Experts in the field are now saying that treatments for back pain that do not involve drugs should first be tried before any medications are tried. Among these treatments are yoga, massage, acupuncture, and exercise. This approach does not risk a patient’s safety by giving them highly addictive medications.

How should back pain be treated?

Time and patience is the best way to treat back pain. While yoga, massage, acupuncture, and exercise can all be helpful, the point is that back pain will improve over time. Going to the doctor, however, is typically unnecessary, and highly addictive pain medication should be avoided at all cost.

The best thing you can do while you are waiting for your back pain to heal is to stay active. Resting and being inactive is very bad for your back and will make your pain worse.

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