Published by : Eric Smith

Why You Need To See Your Doctor Every Year

  A person’s health is their greatest asset. Monitoring and maintaining it is very important. Your doctor is your partner in protecting your wellbeing. They can help identify potential problems and help you create a plan to prevent or treat them. An annual visit to your physician gives you an opportunity to have a highly-trainedRead More

How to Combat Anxiety

Anxiety is a big problem in today’s society. Perhaps this because most people live under a tremendous amount of pressure. We have too much to worry about. We worry about whether or not we will do a good job. We worry about whether or not we will get where we need to go on time.Read More

Back Pain Treatment: What You Need to Know

Back pain is one of the most common issues facing American adults. Because so many of us sit at desks staring at computer screens all day, our backs can suffer. New guidelines were just released by The American College of Physicians on low back pain treatments, and these guidelines have caused doctors and researchers inRead More

Understanding the Health Effects of Addiction

A number of health issues can be caused by drug addiction. Long-term drug abuse, especially, can really put stress and strain on someone’s body. There may be a number of physical, mental, and emotional effects as a result of a drug addiction. Even a short-term drug addiction can cause all sorts of health problems forRead More

How to Live an Anti-Cancer Lifestyle

According to the NCBI, 90-95% of cancers are preventable and are caused by environmental and lifestyle factors. Many studies report that approximately 41% of Americans will develop cancer of some form during their lifetime and about half of those will succumb to the disease. So how do we combat those negative factors that contribute toRead More